The world may be ending all over again (…and again)

According to a listing by Japanese developers Grezzo, they may be looking to hire people to help work on a Majora’s Mask remake. For those that do not know, Grezzo is the studio that worked on the Ocarina of Time 3D remake on Nintendo 3DS and ever since that game released in 2011 fans have been wondering whether a Majora’s Mask 3D remake was also on the cards. While the job listing alone doesn\’t indicate that they are working on a Majora’s Mask remake, the words that accompany them seem to. The listings are in Japanese but when translated, the second listing mentions \”Would you like to make a legend with us?\”.

Again, even this does not 100% confirm that a Majora’s Mask remake actually exists, but considering Grezzo’s past work, along with previous mentions that it will happen at some point, it seems the only logical explanation. There have also been a few several hints over recent months that a return to Termina is imminent, such as the Majora’s Mask showing up in A Link Between Worlds and the Moon from MM appearing in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors.


Plenty of fans would be very happy to see a Majora’s Mask remake, there have even been petitions for the game to exist. For Nintendo, Ocarina of Time 3D sold over 3 millions copies, so the game would be very profitable for the company, even if it is less popular than OoT, so looking at it from both view points, (mostly) everybody wins.


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