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John Romero is considered one of the most influential figures in FPS gaming, having worked on various projects at id Software such as DOOMWolfenstein, and Quake. Despite already leaving a significant legacy in the gaming industry, Romero continues to work diligently in games, such as with the upcoming strategy title Empire of the Sin.

A new FPS inspired by the classics

However, it seems that a recent Reddit AMA with John Romero has revealed another project he has in the works. User CoreAffinity asked Romero:

How do you feel about the new Doom series? And would you ever create a new fps in the likeliness of Quake?

In response, Romero had the following to say:

I really like the new DOOM 2016 and from what I can see of Eternal, it’s going to be a winner as well. And, yes, I do have a design for an FPS in the style of DOOM/Quake.

Digging a little deeper, we can find that this is probably not a game coming out soon by any stretch of the imagination. Later in the AMA, there’s a spot where Romero may be alluding to the design doc still not being finished.

Probably not Daikatana 2

John Romero's other upcoming strategy title Empire of the Sin

Also, if you’re hoping (or dreading) that this might be a sequel to Daikatana, Romero confirmed that it won’t be in the following quote:

I’ve gotten the question about remaking Daikatana, or making a sequel to it, but there is just no viability to the idea. When Daikatana came out, the industry reviled the game and trashed it in all forms of media. Even though it’s been 20 years, the stigma hasn’t gone away. There are many people who love the game and ask me about this, but there’s no publisher that would pay for a sequel or remake (that I know of).

Whatever John Romero has cooking, we can’t wait to play it (and beg for it to come to Switch). Let us know in the comments if you feel the same, or if you’re still salty about Daikatana.

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