Join the PAC Pac-Man theme song Bandai Namco 40th anniversary

One of gaming’s oldest mascots is having a big birthday next year. Released in 1980, Pac-Man was nothing short of a cultural revolution. Reeling in billions of dollars as a franchise to date from both sales and from quarters, the game was a worldwide phenomenon. You can still find Pac-Man machines in the wild if you know where to look. So as an early birthday present, Bandai Namco released a song and music video commemorating the little dude titled “Join the PAC.”

The song was composed by the techno DJ Ken Ishii, while the video was directed by Yuichi Kodama. Both of them are respected creators in their respective fields. The music video for “Join the PAC” is a fun romp through the electronic scene through the years. It pays tribute to everything from hip hop to boy bands to punk to whatever Devo is. The song itself is a catchy remix of the classic tune that we all know and love with easy-to-remember lyrics.

As awesome as this is, I’m sure it’s only the beginning of the birthday gifts planned for Pac-Man. What do you even get for a gaming icon of his caliber? The world’s biggest fruit salad, perhaps?

What about you? Will you be grooving to “Join the PAC” at the club this weekend? Will it be the new soundtrack for your perfect 3,333,360 score run? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear


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