Jump Rope Challenge 200,000,000 jumps two hundred million jumps in 3 days 200 million

Jump Rope Challenge launched earlier this week and is a free game developed by a small group of Nintendo developers. It was put together by a team working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the three days after launch, players have already made 200 million jumps and counting on Switch.

Jump Rope Challenge is a game about exactly that. You can jump rope virtually, as an on-screen counter climbs with each successful jump. A two-player mode is also available, where a second player can join in using another Joy-Con. Here, two players can compete for a high score and tackle daily jump rope activities. It’s all wrapped up in a cute aesthetic, with customizable bouncing bunnies as you reach for your goal.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Nintendo of America in the early hours. As we expressed on launch, this is a neat way to use the Switch for exercise. Of course, there’s Ring Fit Adventure, but stock is still limited for the game and accessory bundle. Jump Rope Challenge only requires Joy-Con to play, providing a more immediately accessible option.

Jump Rope Challenge is available now as a free download. You’ll need to grab it soon though, as it’s only for free until September.

Here’s to another 200 million.


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