Jump Rope Challenge ver. 1.2.0 update results screen 100 days

UPDATE: Nintendo originally planned to yank Jump Rope Challenge from the eShop today, but they’ve changed their minds for some unknown reason. The original article follows, but those of you who thought you’d missed your chance to download the game can breathe for a bit.

Back in June, Nintendo released Jump Rope Challenge – a simple, free download for Switch that aimed to help people get some exercise while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. For whatever reason, Nintendo has had enough of that and will be pulling the title off the eShop tomorrow. Accordingly, if you haven’t downloaded Jump Rope Challenge yet, but for whatever reason still really want to try it, head over to your Switch (or Nintendo’s website) ASAP and get downloading.

Nintendo hasn’t explained why they’re pulling the game off of the eShop. For a simple, quick project put together by a few Nintendo employees who were working from home themselves, the title seems to have served its purpose just fine. After all, early downloaders of Jump Rope Challenge recorded a grand total of over 200 million jumps in its first three days on the eShop.

Have you downloaded Jump Rope Challenge yet? How do you like it? Alternatively, if you haven’t tried it yet, are you going to hurry up and get it on your Switch before it gets yanked off of the eShop? Why do you suppose that Nintendo is pulling the game in the first place – has it just run its course, or might they have something else in mind? Sound off in the comment section below.

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