Pokemon: Let’s Go are a drastic change from past series entries. The titles feel more streamlined, more modernized, but not in the typical approach. They’re sort of a mixture of the classic Pokemon mainline games with the hot mobile title GO. Junichi Masuda, head of development at Game Freak, is well aware of the similarities.

Masuda recently spoke to Eurogamer, where he delved into what inspired the gameplay changes in Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

So when we tried to think about how kids these days generally play games, what came to mind was mobile games really,” said Masuda. “Games which you play for a short time, and perhaps you’ll be moving between various games pretty quickly, so if it was a game that kind of takes about two hours to get into, we thought that perhaps people might get a bit bored and then decide to move on to a different game. So back in the day, even playing in the virtual console version of the original Pikachu version, it might take you know thirty hours, forty hours to kind of complete, or progress significantly in the game. And in this age with so many games to choose from, we thought that we’d rather make something that was easier to progress through, and kind of tailor that playstyle to how we think that the playstyle has evolved over the years and how children are playing games now,” he added.

The inspiration Let’s Go takes from mobile gaming is apparent, but the real debate is whether or not it’ll stick with the series. If Let’s Go underperforms, there’s great chance Game Freak won’t touch the spinoff-title again. That said, though, if the Pokemon GO crowd feel at home with Let’s Go and the sales reflect this, expect to see more mobile-inspired Pokemon installments.

How do you feel about Pokemon: Let’s Go? Which version are you picking up? Be sure to comment below!

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