Just Die Already Old People Mayhem Sandbox Nintendo Switch release date 2021 coming soon Curve Digital DoubleMoose

Sometimes, a quirky premise will take you far, and that might be the case here: Publisher Curve Digital and developer DoubleMoose are bringing “old people mayhem simulator” Just Die Already to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC “soon.” The game comes from the designers behind Goat Simulator, a similarly zany surprise hit. The premise is that you just got kicked out of the retirement home, but you live in a world where nobody is having children and there “isn’t anyone to pay for pensions due to those ungrateful Millennials who prefer playing video games instead of doing actual work.” How do you survive as an old person in this situation?!

Well, apparently you have to engage in death-defying challenges to earn “retirement tickets to qualify for free retirement care.” Yeah, Just Die Already is utter madness. Apparently you can even lose limbs, like your head or torso, and walk around as just a bloody pair of legs. Or you can ride around in a speedboat, shoot people with a rocket launcher, swing an axe, electrocute yourself on power lines, fly around with wings, cause traffic jams, etc. It’s complete insanity for a single player or upward of four players online. Basically, the singular dull thing about Just Die Already on Switch is that Curve Digital uses influencers to sell its trailer instead of just having an informative, fun trailer.

Stay tuned for updates on DoubleMoose’s Just Die Already on Nintendo Switch and other platforms.


John Friscia
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