Kickstarter offers up another Wii U game for your support.

Crowd Funding and Wii U Indie Games are a lot like peanut butter and jelly: they seem to go really well together. From Twisted Fusion to Hex Heroes to Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, Wii U owners seem to be more then happy to fund games that are coming to the system as long as funds permit. You may not be familiar with Adventures of Pip from TicToc Games, but it looks like a game that will be on a lot of Wii U owners radar of interest.

Combining retro graphics with a modern feel, Adventures of Pip is a platforming game with a unique twist. The main character, Pip, is a single pixel that can absorb pixels of enemies he defeats in order to become stronger. Pip can jump on enemies to crush them, gain powers to evolve, and learn to wield various weapons. The team behind the game has worked on such gems as Double Dragon: Neon and Ducktales: Remastered, so a quality side-scrolling platformer is in their pedigree.

For more information on the project, be sure to check out the trailer below and click the \”K\” in the corner to visit the Kickstarter campaign. The team is asking for $90K, which leaves about $87K left with 29 days to go. A feasible number, a solid game, and a striking visual style could spell success for Adventures of Pip on Wii U, but only if you pledge.

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