Shovel Knight

Developer: Yacht Club

Platform(s): 3DS, Linux, Mac, PC, Wii U

Soul Saga: Episode 1

Developer: Disastercake

Platform(s): Linux, Mac, PC, Wii U

Exclusive Interview

Super Comboman

Developer: Interabang

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Linux*, Mac, OUYA, PC, PS3*, Wii U*, Xbox 360*

Super Ubie Land

Developer: Notion Games

Platform(s): Linux*, Mac*, OUYA*, PC, Wii U

Exclusive Interview

Team Notion

Developer: Notion Games

Platform(s): Android*, iOS*, Mac, PC, PSV*, Wii U*

Exclusive Interview

Terra Incognita

Developer: Back To Basics Gaming

Platform(s): Android, Linux*, Mac*, OUYA, PC, Wii U

Exclusive Interview

The 90’s Arcade Racer

Developer: Antonis Pelekanos & Nicalis

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Linux, PC, Wii U

The Hand of Panda

Developer: Ross Omland

Platform(s): 3DS, Wii U*

Exclusive Interview

The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers

Developer: John Szczepaniak

Format(s): Print and Digital

Exclusive Article

Two Brothers

Developer: AckkStudios

Platform(s): 3DS* Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, Wii U, Xbox 360


Failed/Cancelled entire campaign or Nintendo-specific stretch-goal

The Adventures of Dash

Developer: Robotoki

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, OUYA, PC, Wii U

Buddy & Me

Developer: Sunbreak Games

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Linux*, Mac*, PC*, Wii U*

Exclusive interview

Cosmic Highway

Developer: Maestro Interactive Games

Platform(s): Wii U

Exclusive article

Dizzy Returns

Developer: The Oliver Twins

Platform(s): Android*, iOS, Linux*, Mac*, PC, PS3*, Wii U*, Xbox 360*

Dusty Revenge: The Art of Revenge

Developer: PD Design Studio

Format(s): Hardback Book

It’s Dangerous to go Alone… The Movie

Developer: Joe Granato

Format(s): Blu Ray, Digital Download, DVD, iOS (Interactive Companion)

Exclusive Interview

Lords of New York

Developer: Lunchtime Studios

Platform(s): Android* iOS, Mac, OUYA, PC, Wii U, Xbox 360*

Exclusive article

Project Sweat

Developer: Humid Games

Platform(s): Linux, Mac, PC, PS3*, PS4*, PSV*, Wii U*


Pro Pinball: Revived & Remastered

Developer: Silverball Studios

Platform(s): 3DS, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, PS3, PSV, Wii U, Xbox 360


Developer: Slashear

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, Wii U*


The Big Blue

Developer: Playchemy

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Oculus Rift, PC, PS3*, Wii U*, Xbox 360*


The Realm

Developer: Atomhawk Design

Platform(s): Android*, iOS*, Linux, Mac, PC, Wii U*


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