Ship to Shore PhonoCo have revealed that they have surpassed their Kickstarter base goal in just four days. MOTHER\’s soundtrack proved as equally as popular as the original NES game in Japan but until this project reaches its funding goal, it has never been released outside of Japan. MOTHER is a series of role-playing games created by Shigesato Itoi. Mostly known for its unique humor, music and unconventional twist on the RPG genre, the series has earned a cult following worldwide. Originally released in 1989 for the NES in Japan, the game was a huge success. The title also released in North America but was never released in Europe until a Wii U Virtual Console release took place last year.

Thank you so much to all the fans who helped us reach our funding goal faster than we ever thought possible! It’s truly amazing that this project is going to happen and it’s all thanks to you! Yes, you! The person reading this! You’re awesome!

It’s not going to stop there, though. We don’t just want to bring the MOTHER OST to vinyl, we bring to make the MOTHER of all MOTHER OSTs to vinyl. We’ve come up with some packaging stretch goals that we think you guys are going to love.

If we hit $60,000, we will be able to add an OBI strip (to make the album look and feel like it came out in Japan in 1989), emboss the cover of the album (just like the cover of the Famicom box), and print physical copies of our liner note booklet. Check out the graph below for more information.

Thanks for believing in us, and, as always, we believe in you.

There are still 23 days to back this project, if you want to pledge and get your mitts on any of the rewards.


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