The Goddess Divine needs your help to come to the Wii U

Crowd Funding is alive and well, and Red Goddess: Inner World is the latest game that wants to find a home on the Wii U (along with PS4, Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux.) Yanim Studios of Spain is offering up a gorgeous Metroidvania-style game with 2.5D graphics with a \”unique atmosphere\”.

Red Goddess: Inner World tells the story of Divine, a Goddess. She is confused and haunted by her past, so she searches a planet set out to limit her to search her subconscious to see why she feels this way. The game offers a stealth mechanic as the planet she is searching doesn\’t want her to advance throughout, and a unique feature to \”Enter the Mind\” of your enemy by stunning them and using it to access secret areas.

Red Goddess: Inner World recently launched and has a modest goal of $30K with 31 days to go. At the time of this writing, $5K has already been raised, so it’s a safe bet that Red Goddess: Inner World will make an appearence on the Wii U. The team has slated the game for a March 2015 release. Be sure to look at the trailer below and click the \”K\” button is the game sparks your interest and donate to the project.

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