RosePortal Games this afternoon sent out a press release featuring a quote from Hiroki Kikuta, the composer of Secret of Mana who is set to lend his work to the project should it reach it’s funding goals. The campaign has eight days left to raise the final $12,000. The developers have previously confirmed plans to bring the game to Wii U if they reach the Unity stretch goal.

As the heartwarming 16-bit-inspired RPG title Unraveled enters its final week on Kickstarter, I wanted to send you a quote from Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta regarding the project and what drew him to it.

As a reminder, Unraveled is a JRPG-style adventure title with the following features:

– A scenario that draws attention to the real world plight of those working in the ship breaking industry
– A 2-hour public demo to show that serious development has occurred (we know everyone’s wary of Kickstarter)
– \”Show, don\’t tell\” storytelling, that allows the game to unfold without walls of text
– Music by Dale North and Hiroki Kikuta if stretch goals are met
– A beautiful and imaginative world with two main characters, Cinnamon, and her fluffy blue companion

Hiroki Kikuta had this to say about Unraveled:

\”I\’m always looking for fabulous projects to get me excited. When I saw Unraveled, I felt strongly that this game was special. It has substance. The setting and message are very unique and create a beautiful and emotional world that I wish to explore through my music.\”

Find out more about the game at the Kickstarter page.


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