Killer Queen Black
Killer Queen Black

The developers behind the fast-paced, intricate, deliciously strategic multiplayer title Killer Queen Black announced a price drop for the game today, slashing the $20 price tag in half on Steam and Switch. Now, you can play the game for just $9.99. At first, the price cut did not show up for some on Nintendo’s website–if that’s the case for you, consider waiting a bit to buy it–but rest assured, the developers confirmed to me on Twitter that the Switch is receiving the same treatment.

Hopefully, this will go a long way in building up a healthier online community; this multiplayer cult classic works best in games of eight players, and having some more regulars join the servers would be huge.

Killer Queen Black got its start an intriguing but elusive arcade exclusive. Built for five-on-five battles, not too many arcades ended up with cabinets, but the ones that did quickly found a new attraction on their hands. On Steam and Switch, the game is slightly revamped with online cross-play and four-on-four battles instead of five-on-five. Though the Switch port is held back by some wonky menu navigation, the game is an awesome time. I had a lot of praise for it in my review:

Dropping you and your friends on either side of a war between insect hives, this team-based competitive game stands tall with many ways to win and a very high ceiling for strategic, creative play. At its best, Killer Queen Blackis a high-octane showdown where quick, careful thinking and skillful play prevail. It is one of the top multiplayer indies on Switch. 

One of the game’s biggest issues is that it’s simply pretty hard to get enough people you know together, locally or online, to enjoy a full battle. With this price drop, it’s a great time to give Killer Queen Black a try–once you’ve had a taste, you’ll be busting this out at parties and pitching it to your friends in no time at all.

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