Killer Queen Black buzzes onto Switch October 11, check out the trailer

It’s taken longer than a giant snail to get here, but Killer Queen Black is finally coming out. After being announced for the Nintendo Switch back during E3 2018, the competitive arcade platformer was hit with a big delay and given a vague release date of “when it’s done.” Thankfully, we now have a proper launch date for the inventive team-based battler, Oct. 11.

Announced by Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games earlier today, the game is set to arrive both physically and digitally on the same day. Grabbing the physical version will net you bonus controller skins. For PC players, you’ll also be able to grab it on a variety of different storefronts, as it will be available through Humble Store, Steam, and even the newly launched Discord gaming store. Switch and PC players will enjoy cross-platform voice chat.

Killer Queen Black is easy to learn but hard to master. Two teams of four compete in a 2D arena, with each team consisting of one Queen and three workers. Queens are nimble and deadly, but if your own Queen bites the dust three times, the round is lost. Workers can ferry orbs from the map into their base in order to accumulate enough of them to secure victory as well. Alternatively, workers can take an orb into a changing station to transform into offensive characters and help their Queen do battle. Or you can simply hitch a ride on the giant snail in the middle of the map and ride it into the enemy base for a good ol’ fashioned Snail Victory.

Killer Queen Black is focused entirely on multiplayer competition but has a variety of modes to help you get your fix. You can start off in the Tutorial mode fighting AI opponents to get your bearings before setting off into Quickplay and Ranked.

Killer Queen Black will release on Oct. 11 for Switch and PC via Steam, Humble Store, and Discord. It’s currently available for preorder for $19.99 digitally with a 15 percent off preload discount, and it will be $29.99 physically.


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