Did you notice Keiji Inafune’s announcement today? He revealed an original 3DS RPG, named King of Pirates, which is being developed by his Intercept studio. Even though he’s Mega Man’s daddy, he got sick of making Mega Man games his whole life and left Capcom last year in order to \”reinvent his life.\” So, what was the reinvention he had planned on as his first excursion from the world of Mega Man? King of Pirates.

I\’m not sure what to think. I want to be really excited because this is practically Inafune’s first time in 23 years he can go creatively wild and do his own thing. Come up with new characters and invent new worlds all while sipping tea in his pajamas and bunny slippers. But, taking a look at the game, I\’m puzzled.


First off, I\’ll say that, whatever the case, I\’m happy that he chose to go with the 3DS for his first project. And I\’m happy to see it’s an RPG. That fits well with my gaming tastes. From what few details we have, it seems that the game will be a pirate-themed action-RPG starring a penguin. The characters will be designed in the image of major Sangokushi figures (if you\’re unsure what that means, read up on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms) and there will be at least 300 characters — all anthropomorphically-challenged animals. The game will feature high drama and is meant to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

So let me wrap my head around this. These are the themes:

-Anthromorphic animal theme ranging from cows to dragons

-Pirate theme

-\”Ancient Chinese historical novel about the Three Kingdoms era\” theme

-Made by the mastermind behind Mega Man, in 3D on a Nintendo handheld

So, this is Mr. Mega Man’s ancient-Chinese-version-of-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-starring-a-penguin game? I don\’t know how to place my finger on it, but these themes are all things I would never put together in a million years. The thing is, it might actually work really well. From the trailer it does look pretty cute. But, you would never find something like this being produced in North America. It’s totally Japanese and very original. I may sound skeptical but I\’m actually rooting for this game. It’s Keiji Inafune, it’s wacky and new, and it’s a 3DS RPG. I want this thing to succeed.

But, I want to hear your opinion. What do you make of this game? Does it look interesting to you? Or does it fly by the radar?



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