King of Seas gets new gameplay trailer showing off ship-based combat

King of Seas 3DClouds trailer holiday 2020 release date Nintendo Switch pirates action role-playing

The upcoming action role-playing game King of Seas from 3DClouds has just received a new gameplay trailer. It provides a much better idea of how pirate combat will work, as well as a brief overview of the story of the world around players. The game is set to launch in holiday 2020, though no firm release date has been set just yet.

King of Seas is set in a brutal world ruled by pirates. As a newly formed pirate crew in a procedurally generated world, there’s so much to explore and conquer, so many riches to be found, and an armada of other pirates to lay waste to. And there are five different types of ship: the sloop, brig, flute, frigate and galleon, each of which may be customized. Wind direction, ship class, and gear level will all affect the movement and handling of ships.

While one side of the gameplay definitely revolves around the exploration of hidden islands, the other is combat. This is what this latest trailer focuses on more than anything. You can see a high-powered beam shoot out of the front of one ship, decimating another. There’s also an AoE passive ability that one ship seems to have, confusing enemy ships as they attempt to pursue you.

Winning battles will increase the bounty on your head, in turn elevating your “ranking” as a pirate, and multiple difficulty levels ensure you won’t be conquering the seas right away. Stay tuned for more on King of Seas from 3DClouds, as it will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam later this year.

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