Players will live or die by the hat in the local multiplayer, elimination-style game King of the Hat coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

It’s simple: jump on another player’s hat to knock them out for the round, and avoid having your own stomped on. Your hat getting crushed will result in a death, which opens many options for offensive and defensive play. Throwing your hat at an opponent will either push them or their hat away, leaving them vulnerable. If you find you’re about to be stomped, fling your hat as a last-ditch effort and avoid the same fate as a Goomba. So long as there are no other players in that area, you will have bought yourself some time.

Each character has their own unique abilities to offer more variety in battle. I got to check out King of the Hat at last year’s EGLX with Eli, and it was one of the most fun games at the show. It might even return to the show this year before it releases.

With Super Mario Odyssey, A Hat in Time, and now King of the Hat coming to Switch, how many more hat-throwing based games will we see? If only a certain series would return to bring back the other king of the hat, Oddjob.


Matt Graff
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