Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

In a move that probably doesn’t surprise anyone at this point, Nintendo dropped a new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase a few moments ago with no warning, minus some of the rumors flying about earlier this week. Right off the bat, we were treated to some new details regarding the upcoming rhythm game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, first announced two months ago. Most important of these details is the reveal of the official release date of November 13th. If you’re as excited about this as I am, you can pre-purchase the game now at a cost of $59.99.

Previously, they revealed that there would be four play modes, and today we’ve gotten a brief look at what some of these are. The first mode is Memory Dive, which features a trek back through levels from prior Kingdom Hearts games. Another mode is set around boss battles, where you’ll attack the boss and dodge their attacks in time with the music. Though the third mode doesn’t have a name yet, footage shows that it sees your crew walking along a path, fighting standard enemies as they get in your way. Lastly, a multiplayer mode allows you to compete for high scores, both online and locally. The Switch version of Melody of Memory also features an exclusive mode called Free-for-All, which allows up to eight players, though it’s currently unclear how this will work.

As a rhythm game, Melody of Memory may appear to be unimportant to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, a new chapter to the overall story will be included, making this more enticing to longtime fans. As such, I’m sure many people will continued to be disappointed that they’re throwing new plot into this. But there’s still a lot to be excited for, like having a portable Kingdom Hearts music player. The series boasts some killer jams, and to be able to take that on the go with me will make my days go by a lot quicker. And who knows? Maybe if Melody does well, it’ll pave the way to getting the ports we’re all still hoping for!

Steven Rollins
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