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Square Enix rocked the Nintendo world the other day when it announced Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory for (among other consoles) Nintendo Switch, the very first title in the franchise to come to Switch. And while that announcement declared the game would release worldwide in 2020, it was all relayed via Japanese. Now, Square Enix has released an official “KINGDOM HEARTS 2020” trailer that conveys all the big developments for the franchise this year — and it’s in English.

At 3:38, you can see the familiar Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory trailer, but with some English voice over and English subtitles. Otherwise, the trailer reminds you that free-to-play mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road releases for Android, iOS, and Amazon on June 22, where you can “explore the mysteries of a teenage Xehanort” and experience card-based gameplay mechanics. And lastly, the Kingdom Hearts III soundtrack will release worldwide sometime this fall.

I’ll level with you — I’ve played most of the Kingdom Hearts games, but I have no idea what’s going on in the story anymore. I don’t have the memory for it, and I also just don’t care. So I can’t be of any assistance in explaining what’s going on with Kairi at the end of the Melody of Memory trailer. But if you’re a more devout fan than I, then I hope you enjoy dissecting the new information!

What are you most excited for in the franchise this year? (Maybe it’s the rumors of the TV show.) And are you excited to engage with over 140 franchise and Disney songs in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory?

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