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Remember the Theatrhythm series from Square Enix on Nintendo 3DS, which let you relieve some of Square’s best music as a rhythm game? That formula is seemingly getting a surprise revival with a major franchise on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. It is apparently a new rhythm game in the franchise with a massive amount of songs to choose from, and it will release worldwide in 2020.

Gematsu helpfully provides a translation of the scant text available on the game’s official Japanese website:

Many characters from the Kingdom Hearts series appear as playable characters!

Depending on the stage, Disney characters will appear as guests and lend you their strength. The game features a massive catalog of over 140 songs, including Kingdom Hearts series music, Disney music, and more. Enjoy rhythm-based action through unforgettable music.

There are four play modes including online battles.

While specific gameplay details are hard to come by at the moment, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory seems like a more three-dimensional take on Theatrhythm with maybe a bit of Guitar Hero thrown in. The way the action combines with the music seems kind of clever in any case. And the end of the trailer suggests the game will be adding to the lore of the series, because lord knows Kingdom Hearts doesn’t have enough lore yet.

What is your first reaction to Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory? Stay tuned for more updates on this surprising title from Square Enix.


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