King’s Bounty II coming to Nintendo Switch later this year


King’s Bounty II was announced for Nintendo Switch during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini. The game has been slated for a 2020 release for a while now, but only today do we have confirmation that it will also be coming to the Switch. The game is almost a genre unto itself, with the developers saying that they’ve already spent hundreds of hours playing.

To coincide with the game’s announcement for Switch, the developers also released a new diary video. Here they cover the evolution of the series and what players can expect to find in the game when they finally get to play it later this year.

King’s Bounty II is a tactical turn-based RPG. Players take on the role of a single character to complete quests, meet interesting characters, and level up certain abilities, as you’d expect. However, the added layer on top of this is something more akin to the XCOM series, seeing you move units around a battlefield, using their abilities and the environment to your advantage.

The developers are keen to tell an interesting story that players will love while staying true to the gameplay that fans expect. From what we can see, the game does exactly that, but we’ll have to wait for it to come out to know for sure.

Jamie Sharp
Started out playing Metroid 2 on the GameBoy at around 5 years-old, and now I write about games all day long. Can't play Switch and drive, I've tried. As time goes on the Switch is quickly becoming my favourite console of all time.


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