Kirby haramaki Kirby belly band

Kirby is gracing some new strange merchandise with his screaming face. Now we can all wear Kirby and Waddle Dee… as a stomach band. The Kirby haramaki is releasing in Japan later in September. The Wikipedia disambiguation on belly bands article says that a haramaki is traditional Japanese stomach wear that helps “preserve stomach qi.”

I don’t know what good conserving my stomach qi is, but I know Kirby is the right pink puffball for the job. Kirby doesn’t get stomach aches, no matter what he eats. When you think about it, the best place to wear Kirby would be your stomach, wouldn’t it? The Kirby belly band appears shocked or perhaps ready to inhale. On the other hand, Waddle Dee is doing his best impression of Waddle Dee and knocking it out of the park.

In the past, Japanese belly bands have been used as a piece of armor, but nowadays they are used as traditional garb and for fashion. This Kirby belly band will be great for keeping you warm but will do no good against attacks from enemy samurai.

There have been a few items of interest in Nintendo merchandise lately. We’ve seen life-sized Pokémon, useless Pokémon, and even a Kirby that you can stick your entire head into. While the Kirby belly band is a decidedly Japanese item, I hope I can see a few people rocking them at the next con I go to.

We’ve been unable to locate a place where they may be preordered so far, but keep an eye out.

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