Kirby Café Store drinks

Kirby is quite a versatile fellow. He not only has a beloved video game series but also a firm foot in the marketing department. This extends to food, too, as Tokyo’s own Kirby Café shows. The restaurant will soon have a sister location. Known as the Kirby Café Store, this establishment will serve new drinks to consume this spring. And boy, do they look horrifying.

The Kirby Café Store wants to turn adorable characters into Giger fantasy drinks

Customers that enter the Kirby Café Store will be able to purchase beverages based on the games’ levels. There are four in total.

Here are their names and ingredients:

  • Rainbow Resort – grape jelly, pineapple, pink star-shaped nata de coco in lemonade
  • Grass Land –  white grape juice, grapefruit, star-shaped nata de coco, melon jelly
  • Friendly Fields – tea, pink star-shaped nata de coco, passion fruit, lemon jelly
  • Bubbly Clouds – yogurt, blue star-shaped nata de coco, mango

Admittedly, those all sound delicious. And if you buy them with just a straw, it should be taste city.

However, if you decide to acquire a miniature Kirby for an additional fee, this happens:

Kirby Café Store drinks

“I long for the sweet embrace of death”

Each refreshment will cost you around $6, or slightly over $9 if you want Kirby to suffer. The Tokyo-based location will open on March 12.

Enthusiasts living in Tokyo, will you venture outside and nab one of these monstrous Kirby Café Store drinks? Let us know below.

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