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Here we are with part two of our dive into the absolutely bonkers Kirby lore. Once again, credit to WoolieVersus for his lore series, Reddit user Instable Griff, and Mothman on Twitter for the art. If you haven’t read part one, check it out here. Last time we talked about Star Allies‘ contribution to the Kirby lore as a whole, how the Ancients have impacted every game thus far, and how Void Termina and Kirby are more related than you might think. This time, we’re going to cover the rest.

Star Allies is what confirms the antagonists of the series, and we’re going to see why. We’ll also be breaking down the Ancients’ rivals, the Jambandran Cult, and how Void Termina plays into their master plan.

The Jambandran Cult explained

Kirby Star Allies Lore Hyness Jambandra Ancients Woolie Versus Mothman

To reiterate, everything in Kirby somehow ties back to two groups, the Ancients who lived on Halcandra, and the Jambandran Cult. We discussed the science-based Ancients last article, so let’s talk about the magic-focused Jambandran Cult.

First and foremost, they aren’t as separate as you might think. The Jambandrans come from Halcandra. The Ancients we know of were a highly advanced, scientific society. But within them was a minority of people who were deep into dark magic and the occult.

Usually in a story, there is either science or magic, but rarely both. Yet, somehow, magic has been proven to exist within the Kirby universe. And the Ancients didn’t much care for its inexplicable nature. These Halcandran mages were so opposite to the rest of their people that they became feared. The Halcandrans weren’t used to something unknown since they had come to understand just about everything in existence.

So, in their skepticism, they exiled these higher beings to a prison fortress on the edges of the galaxy, Jambastion. This is where the cult found their name. They were banished here, filled with pure hatred, yet lying dormant — until Star Allies where the current leader of the CoJ (Cult of Jambandra), Hyness, brings some sinister plans to fruition.

Void Termina’s relation to the Cult

Kirby Star Allies Lore Hyness Jambandra Ancients Woolie Versus Mothman

To someone lacking this bit of background, Star Allies just seems to be about a mean old wizard trying to do evil things and Kirby has to stop them. And in all honesty, that is a pretty accurate description. That is what makes Kirby such a success; it’s incredibly simple in design until you dig deeper.

But what does the CoJ have to do with Void Termina? Well, in their exile, they prayed to the dark gods, and after eons, one would listen. Hyness and crew had found some scrolls written by the Ancients that detailed four heroes sealing a great evil away in a vessel called the Jamba Heart. With this knowledge, Hyness found the heart and tried to summon the terrifying Void Termina from it, without much preparation.

The summoning went awry and part of the Jamba Heart split into fragments that spread across the universe. Stopping the CoJ from collecting these shards is what makes up the events of Star Allies. That is, until the last section where Hyness “wins” and manages to successfully summon the celestial horror.

How Star Allies is more up front

Kirby Star Allies Lore Hyness Jambandra Ancients Woolie Versus Mothman

And this is where Star Allies is truly unlike other Kirby games. The darker parts are usually hidden within in-game encyclopedias or with subtle imagery. But the build-up to the Void Termina fight is blunt, up front, and unsettling. I genuinely recommend you watch the Hyness boss fight as the atmosphere is amazing. Hyness, mad that Kirby & co. have gotten in his and his underlings’ way once again, brutally knocks them aside and proceeds to completely lose his mind. The text in his rant goes by too fast for most to read, but in screenshots, you can see Hyness is spilling some of the juicy lore described in above sections of this article.

He reveals that their plan revolves around Void Termina destroying everything we know. Then Hyness, consumed by hatred, achieves his goals by literally committing suicide. He sacrifices himself and his underlings to the incomplete Jamba Heart to invoke Void Termina.

This is all in a cutscene, not hidden off the beaten path; it’s right in your face. Occultic suicide to summon an ancient being is part of the main plot. Same franchise that had a game called Epic Yarn, mind you. After that, Kirby fights the now summoned Void Termina and wins, but that was covered in the last article.

How’d you like it?

And there you have it! Now you know who the Jambandran Cult are, where they came from, and how the plot of Star Allies is similar to other Kirby games, yet different at the same time.

It should be pretty apparent now why the Kirby games are so beloved. Stellar, simplistic gameplay with a lighthearted tone that has absurdly sinister subplots beneath the surface.

So if you like this little lore breakdown, let us know! Tell me how I’m wrong or what your favorite snippet of Kirby lore is. If these pieces do well, I could very well write breakdowns on every boss or plot in the franchise (*Psst* like Galacta Knight or Morpho Knight). But it’s up to you guys!

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