Kirby PC Pillow

Kirby is a super soft character. He’s so soft, in fact, that there are horrifying pillows made out of his likeness that swallow heads whole. What about gamers who need a squishy face to comfort them while gaming, though? Premium Bandai has the solution: the Kirby PC Pillow.

Get absorbed into bliss

Kirby PC Pillow

As you can see above, Kirby makes the perfect chin rest for players who game on PC. Imagine being super stressed playing an intense multiplayer title. You look down and see Kirby, perfectly cradling your chin. Instantly, you are at peace. All negative emotions leave your body and are absorbed into Kirby. It’s kind of messed up, actually.

Kirby PC Pillow

The soft bundle of pink also comes with a mushy sketchbook. This can be a wrist rest to save gamers from carpal tunnel or a pretend tome for Kirby to sketch on. The doodles on the sketchbook are absolutely incredible. Hopefully, the drawings of Kirby and Dedede will be future costumes for Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Kirby PC Pillow will be launching in Japan in March 2019. It’s 30 cm by 50 cm, making it a huge plush. I pray this cuteness overload comes stateside one day, so I can cradle it in my arms like a baby.

What are your thoughts on the Kirby PC Pillow? Will you be importing this bad boy in 2019? Let us know your thoughts below!

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