Kirby scrunchy and can badge set in Japan, adorable | Nintendo merchandise

When it comes to Nintendo merchandise, Kirby pretty consistently gets the cutest stuff. This time around, Japan is receiving Kirby scrunchy and can badge sets, priced at 600 yen ($5.48 USD) before tax. They should be appearing at the end of June from the company Max Limited. Check out the pretty and festive Kirby scrunchy designs below.

Kirby scruncy and can badge set in Japan, adorable

Max Limited has an Amazon page, so fingers crossed that the Kirby scrunchy and can badge sets won’t be too difficult to obtain internationally.

Kirby and Nintendo merchandise

Recently, a dancing Kirby plush went on sale in Japan. It dances to two different old Kirby game songs, and much like these scrunchies, it looks pretty adorable.

But the granddaddy of all the Nintendo merchandise I’ve ever seen has to be the Kirby nap pillow. It makes Kirby himself into the pillow, and you stick your head inside his mouth to take a rest. It’s genius personified.

Kirby’s most recent console outing was Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn for Nintendo 3DS, an enhanced port of Kirby’s Epic Yarn from the Wii. With E3 around the corner, you never know what new surprises might be in store.

Let us know if you want to get your hands on these Kirby scrunchies and can badges or any of this other cute merch.


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