Kirby Star Allies was one of Nintendo’s bigger releases of early 2018, and the game is selling well nearly two months after launch.

Dengeki Online reports the latest Kirby title has sold just over 500,000 units in Japan alone, with its most recent week of 34,650 sales putting it over the edge. The caveat, however, is that the number doesn’t include digital downloads.

Kirby Star Allies was somewhat of a sales revival for the Pink Puff; while most Kirby installments sell well, Star Allies is more successful than most of the games released in the last few years, likely due to its launch on Nintendo Switch. The game brought the strongest first-month of Kirby sales ever when it released in March, reports VentureBeat.

Did you play Kirby Star Allies? If so, what did you think of the game? Chime in below, let us know!

Aric Sweeny
Former Editor-in-Chief, now staff writer here at NE. I'm an English student in California. Let's talk Pokémon.


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