Kirby Terrarium Collection mini figures arrive next week in Japan

If you’re a fan of Kirby collectibles, you might want to check out the Kirby Terrarium Collection of mini-figures by Re-Ment. The miniature terrarium figures, which feature Kirby using various abilities in different stages, will release in Japan on June 14 for 880 yen (~$8.05) each. (Thanks, 4Gamer.)

The full name is Kirby Terrarium Collection: A New Wind for Tomorrow. The collection includes six different figures:

Kirby Terrarium Collection mini figures arrive next week in Japan Nintendo merchandise Re-ment

  1. “Departure with the Spring Breeze!” has Kirby setting off on a new adventure.
  2. “An Inconvenient Concert” shows Kirby using the Mike Copy ability to make Waddle Dee cry.
  3. “On the Other Side of the Mirror…” features default Kirby on one side and Mirror Kirby on the other.
  4. “Megaton Punch with a Mighty Fist” includes Kirby Megaton Punching the floor using the Fighter Copy ability.
  5. “Roaring Together Through the Wasteland” shows Kirby and Wheelie riding off into the sunset.
  6. “Onto the Next Star!” has default Kirby blasting off on a Warp Star.

The Kirby Terrarium Collection figures measure 100 mm (height) x 70 mm (width) x 70 mm (depth). The figures will be available to purchase in Japan starting June 14 across various toy stores, character shops, and online stores. Like other Re-Ment collectibles, these are blind box figures, so you won’t know what you get until opening the box.

Also, if you’re in the market for extra fluffy Kirby and Waddle Dee cushions, look no further.

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