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Knights and Bikes, a single-player or co-op action adventure from developer Foam Sword and publisher Double Fine, shall venture to Nintendo Switch on Feb. 6, and it has a very punk-rock trailer to go with it. The game previously released on PlayStation 4 and Steam in August of 2019 and garnered a positive reception. Now, it’s Nintendo fans’ turn to play Lancelot on bikes, saving the land from assorted colorful oddities and unearthing riches.

Check out the game’s frenetic art style and flavor below. It may not be easy to tell from how hectic everything is, but Foam Sword says Knights and Bikes is inspired by SNES-era games like Secret of Mana and EarthBound. And for good measure, it’s inspired by The Goonies too.

Knights and Bikes takes place on the fictional British island of Penfurzy in the 1980s, and young girl protagonists Nessa and Demelza are on the hunt for “legendary lost treasure” in a coming-of-age story. As for the actual gameplay, you will “stuff their pockets with trinkets and barter for bike upgrades as they pedal into danger to face threats head-on,” and you will bring assorted odd items into battle with you, like Frisbees, water balloons, video game controllers, and an amplified boom box, among other things.

Preorder Knights and Bikes on the Nintendo Switch eShop before its Feb. 6 release to get a 10% discount, making it $17.99 instead of $19.99. If you like ’80s stories or ’90s video games, this might be the indie game for you. That goes doubly if you have a friend to play with.


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