Knockout Home Fitness switch

Marvelous has announced Knockout Home Fitness, a martial-arts inspired fitness game that will launch on Nintendo Switch later this year. The game is being developed in partnership with a leading health specialist group in Japan, ensuring that the motion-based gameplay is effective. A Knockout Home Fitness trailer has been released as part of E3 2021, demonstrating the variety of different fitness routines that you’ll be able to experience. Exercises are based upon boxing, karate, kung-fu, and Muay Thai.

Using your trusty Joy-Con, Knockout Home Fitness will challenge you with different motion-based workout routines. Players will be expected to punch, elbow, knee, and kick in sync to the game’s music, with different difficulty levels to choose from. There are also 25 music tracks, featuring songs from different genres such as EDM, techno, trance, rock, and hip hop. Just like with other Nintendo Switch fitness games, there is a Personal Training Mode, a daily training program that accommodates to your specific needs. There is also a more casual 3-minute Fitness mode, which is designed to be a quick and easy workout option.

Knockout Home Fitness will launch in fall 2021 for Nintendo Switch and will be available digitally and physically. More information is expected closer to the release window.

[Source: PR]

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