Streets of Rage 4 DLC release

After the last trailer for the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, I was getting antsy. The Streets of Rage 4 DLC release date surely wasn’t too far away? Well, a little over a month later, we finally have a launch for the extra content. The Mr. X Nightmare add-on will hit the Switch eShop on July 15 for $7.99. With the announcement comes news of an included Survival mode, which is sure to test even the best Rage players.

I’m quite glad the Streets of Rage 4 DLC release date is so close

Check out a trailer for the Survival mode below:

Taking place in a simulation, this new mode looks quite substantial. There will be two variations: Random, which is procedurally generated, and Weekly, which is static. Completing a level will give your character two random perks which are stackable. Doing well in Survival also unlocks new moves for use in any of Streets of Rage 4‘s main modes. In addition, never before seen weapons can be obtained.

Mr. X Nightmare comes with plenty of other goodies, too. And if you missed out on any physical edition of SoR4, Merge Games will be accepting pre-orders for an all-inclusive cartridge starting today. It will release on September 28. Keep an eye on the official website for more details.

Enthusiasts, are you excited for the Streets of Rage 4 DLC release date? Let us know below!

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