Animal Crossing Koholint Link's Awakening

Millions of Nintendo fans are cooped up indoors right now, but thankfully, there’s Animal Crossing. The latest big Switch release is topping the charts around the world, and social media is buzzing with fun and creative island builds. One of the most elaborate I’ve seen thus far is an impressive tribute to another island adventure. An extremely dedicated player has recreated Koholint Island from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening!

Koholint Island created in Animal Crossing

Koholint Island from Link’s Awakening recreated (to the best of my ability) in Animal Crossing. from ac_newhorizons

A wonderful tribute to Link’s Awakening

Koholint Animal Crossing Link's Awakening

Obviously a perfect 1-1 recreation isn’t possible, but this is a pretty solid representation of Koholint Island. You can pick out memorable locations like Mabe Village and the cemetery. Villager houses and shops replace important landmarks and a birdhouse fills the role of the rooster statue. It’s a wonderful tribute to Link’s Awakening and a testament to the fun that can be had in Animal Crossing.

While builder “fatblackmagic” originally attempted to count tiles and convert it to scale, that quickly proved to be a hassle. Instead, he started in the bottom left and worked his way up and to the right, adjusting as he went. This build apparently took “5 days straight” to complete, which still seems pretty quick to me given the scale and detail. You can check out more images (including the notes for the song playing on Koholint) by clicking here.


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