Kojima Productions might be teasing a new Silent Hill game

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Some very cryptic tweets have hinted that Kojima Productions is teasing a new Silent Hill game. The first of these tweets is from the Japanese head of communications for the developer, Aki Saito. Make sure you read the tweet, posted on the Kojima Productions Twitter account, carefully.

Silent for so long

What we’re looking at specifically here is the opening to the tweet, “Sorry to be silent everyone!” Here Saito may be referring to the fact that the studio hasn’t communicated anything about their next game since just after Death Stranding launched for PlayStation 4. However, there’s a little more to the image used in the tweet than you might notice at a glance.

That first image contains a couple of pieces of information that, when put together, spell out an interesting new direction. On the notepad Saito has written next week, apparently indicating that a new project will be revealed over the next week at some point. This would make sense given that Kojima Productions has canceled its planned attendance at GDC 2020, which may or may not happen in a few weeks. It’s possible that this announcement was planned for the event and that now the new project would be announced separately.

The second piece of information that this tweet contains is the word “pyramid” on the pencil. Any Silent Hill fans will know of the iconic antagonist of Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head. If this is an intentional tease, there’s no better reference for Silent Hill.

Hideo Kojima worked on P.T., the demo for Silent Hills which released exclusively for PlayStation 4. After he and the series’s developer , Konami, parted ways, P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store. It’s currently impossible to download the demo, meaning that only copies of it that were already installed on a PlayStation 4 are capable of playing it. Late last year Kojima may have hinted that he was getting ready to make the greatest horror game. With his knowledge of the series, and love for horror, we can’t think of a better creative mind, and developer, to create a new Silent Hill game.


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