Konami Goemon Trademark

While Goemon has recently made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Mii costume, it’s been quite a while since he’s been in a game of his own. However, according to Japanese Nintendo, Konami has applied for a new trademark for Goemon, for “game software,” “game program,” and more. The Goemon series hasn’t had a game since 2005, so hopefully, we’ll get to see his return in more than just a cameo.

The Ganbare Goemon series, or Mystical Ninja as it’s known in the west, has had around 30 games including spin-offs, with only a handful releasing outside of Japan. The last one to hit North America was Goemon’s Great Adventure on Nintendo 64, although various rereleases have been made available through Virtual Console and the eShop. Since the series has had a longer lifespan in Japan, it’s difficult to say whether a new game would come to America if one is actually in development.

Konami’s recent history with games doesn’t inspire much confidence, however. The company has strayed away from video games, with the list of new releases shrinking every year. Hope for a new Goemon adventure isn’t dead yet, but we can’t rule it out being another pachinko or slot machine.


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