Konami backs out of E3 2021 Metal Gear Solid remake new Silent Hill games GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon Nintendo Switch

Video game publisher Konami had made a tentative commitment to attend the ESA’s virtual E3 2021, but now it is quietly backing out of the event. On social media, Konami explained that it basically just isn’t ready to show off what it’s working on, but it notably assured fans that it is “in deep development on a number of key projects, so please stay tuned for some updates in the coming months.”

Mostly via rumors, we have some inklings of what Konami has in the works, even if it won’t appear at E3 2021. For starters, there is likely at least one, possibly even two new Silent Hill projects in the works. There is speculation that horror game developer Bloober Team is working on the franchise, and there is separate reporting that claims a prominent but unnamed Japanese developer is working on a new game in the franchise for Konami.

At the same time, there have been rumors floating around that Konami has a remake of Metal Gear Solid in the works, and even Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter now thinks a remake may be in development. There is even bizarre, though more implausible, speculation of a Metal Gear Solid 2 remake (or at least something involving the game).

Right now, all we really know for sure is that Nintendo Switch will be receiving GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon in 2022, and Yu-Gi-Oh! continues to be a thing. Will you miss Konami at E3 2021?


John Friscia
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