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Kunai is coming! But that’s a good thing. It’s a new Metroidvania from Netherlands-based developer TurtleBlaze and publisher The Arcade Crew, which is part of Dotemu. The game will release on Feb. 6, 2020 for Nintendo Switch and Steam, and what makes it so distinct is clearly its pixel art and its beautiful color scheme. It has a trailer well worth watching.

Here is how the game describes itself:

KUNAI’s adventure through its striking war-torn world emphasizes swift exploration and combat; whether it’s dancing on the heads of enemies with well-timed slashes of a katana, dodging death with grappling hook-esque kunai, or swinging over chasms to discover new areas, KUNAI equips players with an arsenal which makes experiencing every corner of its map a delight.

Coincidentally, I had the opportunity to play the game at The Mix in Los Angeles during E3 2019, a small event showcasing incoming indie games. And the good news is I thoroughly enjoyed what I played! The bad news I don’t remember much else beyond that. It felt like yet another enjoyable Metroidvania title, though it seems the current PR for the game is trying to emphasize the “action” aspect over the “Metroidvania” label, which TurtleBlaze’s website still flaunts on its front page.

In any case, Kunai is one to watch next month.


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