Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day!

The slice-of-life camping manga and anime series Laid-Back Camp is getting a new Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 adventure game. The full title is Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day!, and it will arrive in Japan in fall 2021. Mages launched the official website.

Mages hasn’t shared any screenshots for the game, but it will be based on the Laid-Back Camp anime. The genre is “a laid-back camping adventure,” so it sounds like a possible visual novel-style adventure game this time.

Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day!

Additionally, limited-edition versions of the game will include the game’s original soundtrack and a “Rin Shima & Scooter Choro-Q.” If you’re not familiar with Choro-Q, they’re a line of pullback toy cars by Tomy. In terms of popularity, they’re close to Hot Wheels in Japan. Preorder begins on April 23 for the limited edition on Switch and PS4.

Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day! launches for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this fall in Japan. The virtual camping adventure games, Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu and Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Fumoto Campsite, are also available for Switch, PS4, and PC via Steam. The VR games are more about a virtual camping experience, so we can expect more story elements and characters from the new title.



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