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Back in November, NIS America announced that Langrisser I & II, an HD revamp of the original Masaya Games strategy RPGs, would arrive on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam this March. To whet appetites for the faithful day, NIS America is bringing a game demo to both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on Feb. 20, and those who download the demo will even receive a bonus when they purchase the full game.

The first three chapters of the first Langrisser and the fourth, fifth, and sixth chapters of Langrisser II will be included in the demo. It will offer an option to switch between classic and remastered art styles, and those who download the demo will receive 5,000 gold and 2 CP in the full game.

Of Langrisser I & II, the original game came to Sega Genesis in North America under the title Warsong. The sequel stayed in Japan though, so strategy RPG lovers have something relatively new to look forward to. Both games are about “forces of darkness” threatening a kingdom — quintessential old-school stuff — and it’s up to you as the hero to stab your way to peace.

If you missed it the first time around, here’s the comparison trailer for Langrisser I & II again. It will release in North America on March 10, Europe on March 13, and Australia and New Zealand on March 20. Let us know if you’re intrigued to give this collection a shot.


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