The highly anticipated remake of the original Langrisser game for the Nintendo 3DS has finally been dated for the Japanese market, as well as first details for a limited edition.

Legendary Simulation RPG Revived After 15 Years. The strategic simulation RPG series filled with fascinating characters makes its 3DS debut. More Than One Million Sales Since the release of the original Langrisser in 1991, five numbered sequels have followed. Langrisser I and II, particularly, were RPGs representative of the PC Engine and Mega Drive, and have helped established many current fans. Returning Systems with Updated Interfaces. The series’ traditional systems, including the special traits of each unit, commanders and mercenaries, etc. have returned with easier operability. Enjoy continuous play without stress!

A Fascinating Story of Multiple Powers That Unfolds During Battle. The three powers known as the “Bright Army,” “Imperial Army,” and “Dark Army” are competing for power. As the commander of a some sort of power, the protagonist teams up with mercenaries and various other allies while in search of his little sister who he was separated from at a young age. The scenario branches off depending on the player’s choices, and there will be a number of different endings.

Confession Events. By working towards confession events, you can get love confessions from each of 28 characters. Each event will feature its own illustration and be fully voiced per character. If the confession succeeds, each character will appear in your ending. Fascinating Characters and Music. The game features fascinating characters drawn by Hiroshi Kaieda, performances by popular voice actors like Miyuki Sawashiro, music by Noriyuki Iwadare, and a theme song performed by Okui Masami.

Series’ Familiar Hidden Stages Return

Over 40 Splendid Voice Actors

Legend Box Limited Edition

The limited edition includes:

Rosalia and Licorice Puchi Figures
Original soundtrack album (2-discs) – Includes picture label featuring Langrisser 2‘s Chris and Liana, over 20 songs from Langrisser I, II, and Der Langrisser, new songs from Noriyuki Iwadare and Okui Masami’s theme song
64-page art book featuring unpublished illustrations showing the characters and world from Satoshi Urushihara and Hiroshi Kaieda

It remains to be seen if anyone, such as XSEED will pick this up for a western localization. Watch this space for news as it emerges.


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