Have you been looking for something to scratch that Power Stone itch? Desperate for a four-player arena brawler that you can play at home or on the go? Maybe even an arena brawler with, say, French boxers fighting evil chicken priests? If you can check all three of those weirdly specific boxes, then might I recommend Lastfight on the Nintendo Switch?

Announced by Joindots and Just For Games, arena brawler Lastfight is coming to Nintendo Switch on Nov 22. The competitive brawling game has been exclusively available on PC via Steam since 2016, making this the first time it’s playable on consoles.

If you’re a fan of French media, you’re likely to recognize the cast of characters featured in Lastfight. The 2v2 3D brawler is actually inspired by the iconic French comic book series Lastman, which was also adapted into a beautiful, hand-drawn cartoon series back in 2016.

As for the game itself, there are a variety of modes to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Up to four players can drop in and choose from 10 different characters, each of whom has their own special movies and fighting styles. Hop into eight different stages and duke it out in a chaotic free-for-all. Alternatively, you can opt for Pinball mode, where the only way to defeat enemies is to launch giant pinballs at them. If you’re doing things solo, you can also play through a full single-player story mode.

Lastfight is set to come to Nintendo Switch on Nov 22, with a physical release currently confirmed for Europe.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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