Fire Emblem: Three Houses Bernadetta changed dialogue patch

While the Maddening difficulty and Wave 2 of the DLC were released earlier this week, a few more changes to Fire Emblem: Three Houses sneaked in under the radar. For one, Byleth’s new male voice actor has finally been implemented. Secondly, a sensitive piece of character story has been edited. Players going back over Bernadetta’s storyline will see that certain lines of dialogue have been changed.

The change pares down Bernadetta’s line about being tied to a chair in order to train her for marriage. The text had some serious abuse undertones that have now been made slightly less overt. While the abuse is still very much implied, the removal of certain keywords like “submissive” removes some of the gravity of the situation.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Bernadetta changed dialogue patch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Bernadetta changed dialogue patch

While it may be easy to call this censorship or even erasure of serious subject matter, there may be a case against it. According to one player’s personal translation on a Fire Emblem fan forum, this may be more accurate to the original Japanese script. The translation that user Kirokan has come up with reads: “He would leave me tied to a chair to/and discipline/train* me around the clock, all in order to make me a good partner for marriage.” However, we have not verified this translation ourselves. Additionally, Resetera users are reporting this line of dialogue was changed in other languages as well in the same manner, including Spanish and perhaps French.

We’re unlikely to get a straight answer one way or another, but this is the kind of thing that will stick with players moving forward.

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