Metroid Dread planet ZDR regions

The latest Metroid Dread Report is out, and it’s packed with information on Planet ZDR. This new world hasn’t been charted by the Galactic Federation, but according to preliminary readings, the planet bears many similarities to SR388, another former Chozo colony. Samus has been sent to investigate rumors of X parasites, as well as to recover the missing E.M.M.I. bots. But what will she find when she arrives? Let’s dive into the regions of Planet ZDR!

Planet ZDR regions

Today’s Metroid Dread Report gives details on five major regions on Planet ZDR. They’re all regions we’ve seen before in trailers, but several of them were lacking names. It’s unclear how many regions there are in total, but based on the map, it’s possible we haven’t seen them all yet. Either way, here are the regions we do know about.


Samus awakens in the cavernous Artaria after being attacked by a mysterious and powerful Chozo figure. This area is located in the deepest part of ZDR and has low-temperature environments. The upper portion of Artaria contains vast amounts of magma, which is used as the primary source of energy on the planet.

Artaria is where Samus begins her exploration of the planet. It’s a relatively large area but has many doors that she cannot open at the start of the game. You can revisit this area after making more progress through the game and acquiring additional abilities, so it may be a good idea to mark those spots on the map. You can also take screenshots using the Capture Button on your controller to keep a record.


Home to the central system that manages the supply and circulation of energy-generating magma throughout the planet, which powers various facilities. Hot streams of magma flow out in many places. Some of its high-temperature areas are too much for Samus to handle with just her standard Power Suit.

Magma abounds in Cataris. Without the Varia Suit, which protects Samus from extremely high temperatures, you’ll take heat damage in many of the rooms here.

By circulating the thermal energy created from magma here, you can open new routes. In fact, if you carefully watch how magma moves within the circulation pipes, you can figure out the destination of the thermal energy. We think this might provide clues for exploring.


metroid dread planet zdr regions

A biological research site and home to many robots believed to have been developed using advanced Chozo technology. The power is out in some spots, which makes it difficult to spot enemies. Danger lurks in the shadows.

Dairon is filled with many robots believed to have been developed with advanced Chozo tech. The robotic enemies are protected by thick armor that’s only vulnerable to a Charge Beam or Missile, which means effective use of the Dash Melee counter is key to creating openings for attack.


The bottom half of this marine research site is underwater. Many aquatic creatures residing here can’t be found in other areas.

Most of Burenia is underwater, which can put Samus at a disadvantage. Her agility takes a hit when submerged while equipped with her standard Power Suit or the Varia Suit, which makes it tough for her to contend with zippy sea creatures. But remember, Samus can pull herself to magnetic surfaces by latching the Grapple Beam to them—a move that just might save your hide.


metroid dread planet zdr regions

An underground forest area very close to the surface. Sunlight peeks through from above. Native flora and fauna abound, including many plant-like beings and ancient creatures.

Civilization has left less of an imprint upon Ghavoran compared to other areas of ZDR, and the area’s appearance has thus been able to evolve in a natural way since ancient times. There are sections with small platforms that require continuous jumping, as well as partially submerged locations. Samus will have to use all her abilities and talents to the fullest when taking on this area.


metroid dread planet zdr regions

The ancient ruins found here indicate this area was once a sanctuary used in Chozo rituals.

Constructed objects and the natural world co-exist in the other areas, whereas the inside of Ferenia contains mostly buildings left behind by Chozo civilization.

What will Samus find among the ruins of this sanctuary? We don’t want to say too much—but know that Samus will go back and forth between this area and others throughout ZDR to continue her explorations.

Metroid Dread

And that’s it for information on the regions of Planet ZDR specifically. However, the latest Metroid Dread Report also gives some info on the enemies you’ll find in each region. You can click the source link below to learn more about the planet’s inhabitants. If you’re like me, you can’t wait to dive into the world of Metroid Dread. Thankfully, the nearly two-decade wait is almost over. Samus returns on October 8, just over two weeks away!


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