Legendary Pokémon leak for Pokémon Sword & Shield

This past week has been crazy for the secretive status of Pokémon Sword and Shield. After several days of leaks, culminating in today’s alleged full list, we now have a Legendary Pokémon leak for Sword and Shield, including Zacian and Zamazenta. While these are still very much in rumor territory, they are likely to be legitimate. Potential big spoilers ahead! Especially for something called Eternatus.

To start, here are Zacian and Zamazenta, sans weaponry.

Zacian Legendary Pokémon leak for Pokémon Sword & Shield Zamazenta Legendary Pokémon leak for Pokémon Sword & Shield

They look kinda naked, in fact. Zacian is a fairy type and Zamazenta is a fighting type, according to the leaked details. They have the ability to absorb metal from their environment and add steel to their typing, in addition to wielding their legendary weapons. I love the battle-scarred designs, and each is missing a little chunk on an ear.

Next, the leaked details talk about the big boss of the game, Eternatus.

Eternatus Legendary Pokémon leak for Pokémon Sword & Shield Eternatus

As you can see, it has two forms. The first looks like a leviathan skeleton, and the second looks like a UFO with a claw. They both look like Ultra Beasts to me.

Still, if you look at the subscreen sprite for the second form, something interesting happens:


The underside of the saucer turns dark and obscured. Does that design look familiar? It looks like the clouds that appear around the heads of Gigantimaxed Pokémon. And it’s seemingly only around this one’s wrist. Just how big is this form? With a name like Eternatus, I’m sure it’s absolutely massive.

In any case, Pokémon Sword and Shield come out Nov. 15, and then we’ll know for sure how legitimate this Legendary Pokémon leak is.

Are you excited by these alleged leaked details? Are you looking forward to encountering Eternatus? Will you defeat it or give it a hand? Let us know!

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