Lego Mario amiibo

If you clicked on this out of intrigue, chances are that you’re either a Lego fan, a collector of amiibo, or both! Cody, a Twitch streamer on the channel DSKoopa, received the most unique gift for Christmas from his sweet and creative mother. Sharing with Kotaku, Cody revealed that it took his mother 6,000 Lego pieces to construct this majestic Nintendo icon. And, boy, the scale of this Mario is a sight to behold. To put that in perspective for the non-Lego master builders out there, the enormous Death Star set from everyone’s favorite sci-fi epic is only 3,803 pieces. Lego sets typically seem to be priced using a combination of the total count of specialty pieces as well as the total piece count overall in the set. The Death Star set is priced at $499.99 USD. So, not only is this Mario figure huge, it’s also quite expensive by comparison.

Cody wasn’t just satisfied with the Mario statue, however. Functionally, he wanted to combat any naysayers that scoffed at the impractical nature of this beast. So, he created a base complete with an amiibo chip inside. Now, not only is it a Lego masterpiece but also fully-functioning amiibo. He demonstrates the amiibo in action in the video below.

Okay, maybe it’s not entirely practical as an amiibo. But its appeal is certainly the incredible visual of it. Any Nintendo or Lego fan would be thrilled to have Lego Mario added to their game room decor. Besides, not only did this mom open up her wallet for this gift, but she had to have spent countless hours designing and crafting it, as well. So, there’s got to be a bit of sentimentality in it for Cody.

What do you think of this meticulously crafted Lego monument? Could you create something as impressive as this? And the only question to follow that up with is:  have you created something of this quality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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