Lego Nook’s Cranny from Animal Crossing is being officially reviewed

animal crossing lego nook's cranny

As part of their Lego Ideas program, the company is officially reviewing a Lego Nook’s Cranny creation submitted by a fan. The way the program works is that if a submitted creation receives 10,000 upvotes from the community by a deadline, Lego take it in for an official review for potential manufacturing, and the designer receives a 1% royalty from all sales of the product. Have a look at the creation inspired by Animal Crossing.

lego nooks cranny nintendo switch

Build your own Nook’s Cranny

A record-breaking 35 ideas made it through to review this time around, including the Lego Nook’s Cranny. The creator, Micro_Model_Maker, explained on their creation’s page that they had wanted to build something distinct from Animal Crossing and decided to build Nook’s Cranny. The interior has been designed to match, as much as possible, the shop in the game. While items have been shifted around a little, the creator believes that it still captures the spirit of the in-game shop.

Micro_Model_Maker adds that the final product would ideally come with three figures, a boy villager, Tommy, and Timmy, though the creator wonders if new molds would be necessary for the latter two.

Of course, having this product go to market would require more than Lego’s approval, but also a licensing agreement with Nintendo. They have built up a good relationship with the Lego Super Mario sets, but this would require more negotiations.


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