LEGO Star Wars

One of the best things about the old LEGO Star Wars games is running through Free Play levels with a slew of our favorite characters, ranging from the overpowered, jetpacked badassery of Jango Fett to the meandering, clumsy gonkiness of a Gonk Droid. Thankfully, the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is all set to play up that strength as much as possible, bringing nearly 500 characters to the table with “many of them” playable. This info comes courtesy of Lucasfilm Games managing producer Craig Derrick and TT Games’ Jonathan Smith, who discussed the development team’s “say yes” philosophy when it comes to adding playable characters. Check out what they had to say below.

Jonathan Smith: We’re all fans; there’s no shortage of characters we’d love to play with. And you can’t ask us to pick a single favorite! It’s the fact that the whole cast is brought together, uniquely in this LEGO form – the complete collection, from Admiral Ackbar to Zorii Bliss – which makes the game so special.

Craig Derrick: There are nearly 500 characters in this game, with many of them playable. When choosing characters for a game this large, we just looked at every film in the saga and tried to say “yes” as much as possible. That said, it often comes down to storytelling and the specific role of the character in the quests and game progression. Of course, we have almost all of your favorite heroes and villains from the films, many background players, a few surprises, and… Yaddle!

These comments are reassuring; the dev team certainly understands at least one thing that makes the series great. Thus far, the game is clearly teeming with passion and has lots of resources behind it, including an all-new engine. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga marks what will hopefully be a long-awaited return to glory for a series endearingly remembered by many as a childhood favorite. The game is currently slated for a 2020 release, though it is unclear whether or not we can expect delays amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic.


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