LEGO Super Mario

When the inaugural line of LEGO Super Mario sets drop on August 1, there will be a few accessories for those who want to spice up their new playsets. Four of Mario’s classic suit upgrades – the Fire Mario suit, the Propeller Mario suit, the Cat Mario suit, and the Builder Mario suit – will be available as Power-Up Packs. Each suit has its own unique functionality with the electronic playsets, allowing for new ways to tackle enemies or rack up coins. Fire Mario, for example, can be tipped forward in order to lob fireballs at opposing Goombas.  Check out the video, embedded below in Nintendo of America‘s announcement tweet, for a demo of each new LEGO Super Mario suit in action.

With designs unlike anything we’ve seen from LEGO before, LEGO Super Mario is clearly aimed at a younger audience. The extra-blocky figures and level-building emphasize new levels of electronic interactivity within a LEGO set. As such, these sets don’t look too great for adult LEGO fans, but I’m sure that kids all over the world will get a real kick out of building and playing their own Mario levels in real life. Hopefully, Nintendo does have some fancier stuff planned down the line. For example, I could really use a full build of Peach’s Castle or Delfino Plaza (and that’s not even getting into all of the other Nintendo properties that could use their own LEGO designs).

Andrew Rockett
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