Lego Wii Remote Wiimote breaks breaking TV console Ian Summers Beyond the Brick Rodeo

If you fire up a Wii game, one of the first things that will happen is that you are reminded to fasten the Wii Remote to your wrist with the band included on the back of it. It’s a safety and liability issue, especially during physically active games like Wii Sports, because the Wii Remote can go flying out of your hand if it is not fastened. In several infamous cases documented online, Wii Remotes have even broken TV screens. Now, enthusiast Ian Summers has memorialized the act of a Wii Remote breaking a TV by building the whole scene from scratch with Lego. Even a really convincing Wii console is built out of Lego!

This Lego recreation of a Wii Remote breaking a TV was on display at Brick Rodeo, a Lego fan convention held in Sugar Land, Texas last weekend. (I have to assume that Sugar Land looks identical to Candy Land.) Beyond the Brick Twitter has several more highlights from the event, if you’re so inclined.

In other Lego Nintendo news that does not involve breaking a TV with a Wii Remote, you can preorder a kit to create a life-sized Super Mario or Super Mushroom, if you have lots of coin handy. Also, never-before-seen prototype designs for the Wii Remote recently leaked online.


John Friscia
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