Life is Strange: True Colors

While Life is Strange: True Colors is still a bit over a month away from its September 10 release date, we can still enjoy various tidbits and trailers in the meantime. Take this newly released trailer, for example, which shows off life in the game’s primary setting of Haven Springs, Colorado. You can check out the trailer directly below, courtesy of the official franchise YouTube channel, and take in the setting’s small-town vibes, Rocky Mountain Views, and iconic events such as the Spring Festival.

Switch owners will be poised to get caught up on the Life is Strange franchise later this year. First, Life is Strange: True Colors will debut on the system alongside other platforms when it launches on September 10. Later this year, the rest of the series will arrive in the form of Life is Strange: Remastered Collection.

Are you planning on grabbing Life is Strange: True Colors when it launches on Switch in September? What is your previous experience with the series like? Described as a “bold new era” for the series, True Colors appears to be a great entry point in the franchise because it stars an all-new character and appears to be relatively self-contained. We won’t have to wait long to find out, as the game’s release date is just over forty days away.

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