Limited Run

Limited Run is a treasure. The company is in the business of providing physical media of digital titles. It makes fancy editions of games, too, with loads of extras. The organization was planning a streaming event where it was going to showcase upcoming Switch and PS4 physical titles. While it was supposed to air June 8, it has been delayed, sadly.

I was ready to hand Limited Run my recent paycheck

Here’s the official statement from Limited Run, via Twitter:

At least it assuaged fans by committing to a reveal date next week.

The corporation didn’t mention protests or COVID-19 as reasons for the holdup, as others have. Perhaps it was just a technical hookup or some finalizations over licensing. Regardless, we’ll know a new date for the online event soon.

Personally, I can wait a little while longer for reveals. I have a backlog of games I bought from Limited Run to hold me over. They include River City Girls, Celeste, and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

Enthusiasts, were you looking forward to Limited Run’s stream? Are you relieved an update will be coming next week? Have you purchased goods from its website before? Let us know the answers to these burning questions below.

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